Lawrence & Holloman


What doesn’t kill you ... still hurts.  A dark, twisted, evil, insane … buddy comedy.


The nebbish, cynical and suicidal Holloman gets taken under the wing of Lawrence, a happy-golucky, ever-optimistic suit salesman. But while Holloman’s fortunes slowly improve, Lawrence’s life takes major turns for the worse: his fiancé dumps him, his car is demolished, his dog goes missing, he loses his job, and his apartment burns to the ground. And that’s just the beginning ...

Is happiness determined by our outlook on life? Or can our destiny be changed ... by another.


Producer: Paul Armstrong

Executive Producers: Mary Anne Waterhouse and Andrew Currie

Director: Mathew Kowalchuk

Screenplay: Daniel Arnold and Mathew Kowalchuk

Based on the play by Morris Panych


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