Canada's endless battle to settle the age-old score between the French and the English is scuttled by the unlikeliest of heroes.
It's June 1990: Elijah Harper - a shy, reluctant hero from a remote Cree community in the frozen north - is caught in a media hailstorm when he squares off against the forces of a powerful political elite. Summarizing his people's response to over 300 years of "civilization", Elijah risks his own life and Canada's future when he utters one simple yet irrevocable word on the six-o'clock news: NO.
Director:  Paul Unwin
Original Screenplay by:  Blake Corbet
Executive Producer:   Blake Corbet, Mary Anne Waterhouse
Producers:  Christopher Leeson, Lisa Meeches, Gigi Boyd
Co-producers:  Ki Wight, Desiree Single
Associate Producer:  Andria Spring
Production Financing:  CTV, APTN, Manitoba Film & Sound, Cogeco Production Fund, Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development
Story Editor:  Annie Reid
Genre:  Biographical, Comedy

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