Mile Zero

The sad and gripping tale of a father who has a remarkable capacity to love, but who lets fear and desperation rule his actions.


Derek Ridley is a father with a remarkable capacity to love, but whose emotional fragility makes him feel unworthy of love himself. When his marriage breaks down, he starts making reckless attempts to get his family back, eventually hatching a desperate plan to take his young son to the Rocky Mountains where he believes a wilderness utopia will be found. Initially the adventure represents an exciting and cathartic sense of freedom for father and son, but as the narrative crashes between past and present, and the stakes continue to rise, Derek's world of denial and half-truths are challenged in the most unexpected of ways.


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Director: Andrew Currie
Producers: Trent Carlson, Blake Corbet
Executive Producers: Elizabeth Yake, Blake Corbet, Jennifer Kawaja, Julia Sereny
Production Financing: TMN - The Movie Network, Superchannel Ltd, Showcase Television, The Canadian Television Fund, Telefilm Canada, British Columbia Film
Original Story by: Andrew Currie and Michael Melski
Screenplay by: Michael Melski
Genre: Drama
Awards:   World Fest Houston – Platinum Award, First Feature, Victoria Independent Film Festival – Best Canadian Feature, Moondance International Film Festival – Best Feature

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