Welcome to Willard, a small town lost in the idyllic world of the 50's, where the sun shines every day, everybody knows their neighbor, and rotting zombies carry the mail.


Years ago, the earth passed through a cloud of space dust, causing the dead to rise with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Terror spread across the land, until a collar was invented that made the zombies docile, even useful. A company was born: ZomCon. Thanks to their patented domestication collar, zombies became gardeners, milkmen, servants, even pets. ZomCon would like everyone to believe that they have the world under control - but do they?


Timmy Robinson doesn't think so. He thinks the world is "phony-baloney". An awkward loner, Timmy spends so much time in his room even his own parents don't notice him. So when Mom buys a zombie to help around the house, Timmy is surprised, and even curious, when the beast wants to play catch. When the zombie saves him from the local bullies, a true friendship is born, and Timmy names the zombie, "Fido".

But Fido's collar goes on the fritz, and the neighbors start paying the ultimate price. To complicate matters, ZomCon's notorious zombie-control specialist, Mr. Bottoms, has moved in across the street.


What begins as a small town story about a boy and his best friend, becomes a biting satire about our world, the price of fear, and the rewards of risking love. "Fido" will rip your heart out.


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Director:  Andrew Currie
Written by:  Robert Chomiak & Andrew Currie & Dennis Heaton
Originial Story by:  Dennis Heaton
Starring:  Carrie-Anne Moss, Billy Connolly, Dylan Baker, introducing K'Sun Ray with Henry Czerny and Tim Blake Nelson
Producers:  Mary Anne Waterhouse, Blake Corbet
Co-producers:  Trent Carlson, Kevin Eastwood, Heidi Levitt
Executive Producers:  Peter Block, Patrick Cassavetti, Jason Constantine, Shelley Gillen, Daniel Iron
Distributors:  TVA Films (Canada), Lionsgate (USA), Metropolitan (France), Entertainment Film Distributors (UK), Svensk Filmindustri (Scandanavia), Toshiba (Japan), Rai (Italy), Ascot Elite (Germany)
Awards:  Gerardmer – Special Jury Prize, and Best Film Score, Vancouver Critics Circle – Best Film, Best Actress (Carrie-Anne Moss), Toronto International Film Festival – Opening Film, Perpsectives Canada, Sundance Film Festival – Official Entry
Genre:  Comedy



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