The Invisibles

A man facing a midlife crisis starts to disappear - literally. As he fades from the world, he discovers a new world of Invisibles, people who have given up and disappeared just like him. Instead of accepting his fate, he fights to return to the real world and a new beginning.


Charlie (49) is stuck in an oppressive job and a barely functioning marriage. After a grueling day where everything falls apart, he discovers a shocking revelation - he can see through his hands - literally. Charlie starts to disappear from the world. People start to fade, their voices become distant, their colors muted. Yet the physical world remains the same. Fully invisible to the real world, Charlie discovers the Invisibles, a group of people who gave up on life, and disappeared just like him. Charlie returns home and sees his wife, and his life, from a different perspective. Realizing what he's lost he decides he wants back - to his house, to his wife, to the life he disappeared from. But the real world is quickly growing fainter. Charlie discovers that the only way back is to face his past, and embrace the future - something he finally decides is worth fighting for.


Written By:  Colin Aussant and Andrew Currie
Producer: Mary Anne Waterhouse
Film-Genre:  Fantasy/comedy/drama
Phase:  Treatment

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