My Asshole Neighbour



A peace-loving family man is driven to all-out war when an obnoxious redneck moves in next door.


PAUL SPRING is a union mediator with the perfect life: a beautiful house on a quiet cul-de-sac, a loving wife and a well-behaved son. But his suburban paradise comes to an abrupt end when a White Trash Family from Hell moves in next door. Pot-bellied JERRY RASKIN arrives with his sultry tattooed wife and emo hellion daughter. Although Paul is an expert at seeing both sides of any issue, he can’t deal with the antagonistic Jerry, who is incredibly direct, often offensive, and takes everything the wrong way. This launches us into an R-rated comedy that turns a peaceful neighourhood into a war zone. The theme is about acceptance, with the metaphor of war explored through the rocky relationship of two neighbours trying to make peace, without killing each other first.


Producer: Mary Anne Waterhouse
Written by:  Andrew Currie and Robert Chomiak
Director:  Andrew Currie
Development Financing:  Telefilm Canada, Harold Greenberg Fund, BC Film
Selected to participate in the CFC/Just for Laughs/TFC 2010/11 Comedy Lab
Currently Packaging


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